Wegmans ranks #1 in customer satifaction survey

Posted at 2:10 AM, Feb 26, 2016

Rochester based grocery chain Wegmans is tops in a recent national customer satisfaction report compiled by the University of Michigan.

The 100-year-old grocer is one of only three companies in the retail sector to improve customer satisfaction according to a report released by the American Customer Satisfaction Index report.

The satisfaction rate of Wegmans customers increased by 1%, up from 85% last year to take the top position.  California based Traders Joe's came in second place and Texas based H-E-B came in third.  Locally headquartered Tops Friendly Markets did not rank in the top 20 of people surveyed.

Wegmans currently operates 88 stores across the Northeast and has plans to expand to an additional 13 markets in the coming years.  By contrast, Trader Joe's has 457 locations, H-E-B has 370 and Tops has 332 locations.

The yearly report is compiled from email interviews of 9,358 consumers chosen at random at the end of 2015.  The report was established in 1994 to provide a new economic indicator tracking the quality of products and services from the perspective of the consumer.

Full service restaurants, TV and video players, and consumer shipping top the list of customer satisfaction by industry.  The U.S. Postal Service, subscription television service, and Internet service providers rank last.