Wedding gifts go missing, couple devastated

Posted at 9:54 PM, Oct 10, 2016

A young couple is asking the community to help out, after their wedded bliss came to a halt just hours after they tied the knot.


Brittany and Matt Johnson say someone stole about 30 cards containing cash and gifts from their wedding reception Friday night.

The Johnsons celebrated their wedding reception Friday night at The Foundry in North Buffalo.

Like many couples, the Johnsons included a gift table with a box for attendees to place cards.

The couple said they had about 115 guests at their wedding, so they were surprised to note that there were only about 20 cards in the box.

Then, they noticed they couldn't find a card from the best man, even after Matt said he had stood nearby as his friend filled out the last-minute gift.

"That's what triggered it," Matt said, "not seeing Ryan's card there."

The couple searched high and low at The Foundry, and even looked at surveillance video, but they couldn't find anything to show what happened to their gifts.

They filed a police report for the missing cards Monday evening.

The Johnsons said it's not just about the money their lost.

There's sentimental value in those cards," Brittany said. "Guests wrote some very nice things in cards that we'll just never ever be able to read."

Brittany's brother started a GoFundMe page to help the couple recoup some of their lost gifts and go back to enjoying life as newlyweds.

Now, the Johnsons want other couples to learn from their experience and be extra careful with their own gifts, making sure to pick a box with a lid and someone to keep a watchful eye on it.

"Pay more attention to the card box," Matt said. "Because I didn't think a human could be that low."