Site ranks NY as 3rd worst state to grow old in

Posted at 6:29 PM, May 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-10 08:08:17-04

According to Caring.com, New Yorkis the third worst state in the nation to grow old in.

The website said researchers looked at things like quality of life for residents over 55, quality of healthcare, long-term care, and support for seniors and family caregivers. They also considered roughly 105,000 consumer ratings of senior care providers in each state.

Each and every Monday, Rebecca (who asked we not use her last name) is at the Amherst Center for Senior Services singing with her choir group, the Tune-Ups. “I make sure I get out here one day a week to do what I like doing,” she said.

It's one of the few things the 69 year old makes time for. Otherwise, her plate is full. “I am the sole caregiver for my mother. I feel like crying most the time but I don't.”

Rebecca has several in home aids who help in the morning during the week. But she said they're now exploring assisted living options.

Thankfully, social case worker Angela Jones has been helping Rebecca through the process. But she can see why people find senior care options confusing. “I know the drill and I'm still having a hard time. People just learning the drill I don't know how they do it.”

Jones said spreading the word about senior resources available in our community is half the battle. She thinks the recent low ranking might be attributable to the fact that people often don't know the services available and those who seek help may think they need one service but benefit from another. 

She also pointed out that New York City is included with all of New York and care is more expensive there. However Jones recognizes adult care even here is a huge expense.

In Rebecca’s case, her 92 year old mother can afford the care. It's just a matter of making the best choice for her. 

To contact Erie County Senior Services, click here.