Warning to watch out for deer on roadways

Warning to watch out for deer on roadways
Posted at 11:30 AM, Sep 30, 2015

New York officials are reminding drivers to watch out for wildlife on the roads this fall.

Deer, moose and other wild animals can be especially active in the fall. State officials say two-thirds of all deer and vehicle collisions occur in the last three months of the year, when deer breed and travel the most.

Here are some of their precautions they advise:

  • Use extreme caution when driving at dawn or dusk.
  • Reduce your speed, stay alert, and watch the sides of the road.
  • Slow down when approaching moose and deer standing near the roadside, as they may bolt at the last minute when a car comes closer, often running into the road.
  • Be aware that more than one animal may be nearby. Moose and deer sometimes travel in pairs or small groups.
  • Make sure all vehicle occupants wear seatbelts and children are properly restrained in child safety seats.
  • Use flashers or a headlight signal to warn other drivers when moose or deer are spotted near the road.
  • Brake firmly but do not swerve if encountering moose or deer. Swerving can cause a collision with another vehicle, a tree, a pole, or other objects. If a deer or bear is hit and killed by a motor vehicle, the owner or consignee can request a possession tag from the investigative police officer to legally possess the carcass.


State officials say more than 25,500 motor vehicle crashes in 2013 involved deer. There were more than 1,000 such accidents in three counties: Erie, Monroe and Orange.





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