Walmart had a change of heart about bus stop

Posted at 7:10 PM, Apr 20, 2016

Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority rolled out its new bus services to the new Walmart on Walden Avenue in Cheektowaga. Riders now won't have to fight busy traffic along Walden avenue to get to the store. 

"Getting across those lanes compared to having us over here we would have been injured going back across," Pelle Grant said.

Initially Walmart didn't want the bus to stop in front of the store, after originally raising safety concerns about busses stopping in front of the store.

7 Eyewitness News caught up with one Walmart Employee who was catching the bus. Carisma Robinson worked in the old Thruway Walmart for three years. She said NFTA Bus is her only transportation to work. Robinson feared losing her job if the bus didn't make stops at the new Walmart.

"You have to cross this busy street and I hate crossing busy streets, but then I found out the were going to come on to the lot and I was ecstatic," Robinson said.

Bus route 46 is the only one running to and from the Walden Avenue Walmart. Reportedly more routes could be added in the near future. In the meantime Walmart is also planning to build a new bus shelter by June.