Walmart assaulter arrested on new charges

Posted at 8:14 AM, Apr 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-28 07:49:51-04

The woman convicted of a 2011 assault on a 70-year-old Walmart greeter has been arrested on a warrant for a second assault.

Rochester Police arrested Jacquetta Simmons Tuesday night. Simmons was wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant for harassment charges dating back to January 2015. Police say Simmons got into an altercation with another woman during a church service in October of 2014.

Prior to the 2014 incident, Simmons was also convicted of assaulting 70-year-old Grace Suozzi on Christmas Eve, 2011. It happened inside a Batavia Walmart. Suozzi sustained several injuries, including several fractured facial bones. Simmons served one year in jail for the crime, which was a reduced sentence.

Simmons was being arraigned in Rochester City Court early Wednesday morning, there is currently no word on whether she was granted bail.