Voter vs. Lawmaker: Facebook feud fueled by fake news accusations

Posted at 11:22 PM, Jan 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-25 23:22:44-05
Colleen Aungst of East Aurora didn't expect to find herself in the middle of a Facebook war with her Assemblyman, David DiPietro.
"We as a public need to be more vigilant in demanding better from our elected officials," said Aungst. "Showcasing this type of behavior is the first step."
Aungst says it was after the Assemblyman posted a photo to Facebook, of tour busses at the inauguration, claiming he was told by law enforcement the busses were full of paid protesters when she fired back.
"I asked him not to spread rumors and be factual when he's talking on a public forum, and I said it in a very respectful way," she said. 
She says the political disagreement quickly escalated when DiPietro posted a status, saying his family was assaulted in Washington by protesters. He then went on to call her personally out for her comments and wrote, "You know what Colleen...Screw You!!"
In another post, DiPietro called her an idiot.
"It was appalling and surprising," she said. 
A spokesperson for Assemblyman DiPietro sent the following comment:
"Assemblyman DiPietro regrets responding in that manner. He's apologized. Mrs. Aungst can expect that type of response when she calls a public official and his entire family liars.
Mrs. Aungst also called law enforcement officials in Washington liars as well. 
Assemblyman DiPietro gave truthful statements that her allies put him and his family through. If she sides with violent protesters who assault law enforcement, and chooses not to believe the statements of an elected official who was there as an eyewitness, there's not much more we can say."
"I do want it clear that he did not apologize to be directly," she said.
Aungst says she has called and left messages with DiPietro's office, but her calls have not been returned.