Video released in Bills player Adolphus Washington's arrest

Posted at 2:01 PM, Jul 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-12 16:55:20-04

WKBW has obtained video of the arrest of Adolphus Washington. The Buffalo Bills defensive tackle was arrested Sunday in Cincinnati on weapons charges.

The entire video can be seen above. A partial transcript of the conversation is below:

Police officer: “Do you know how lucky you are man? That was close buddy. That was close.”

Police officer: “Do you have a license?”

Adolphus Washington: “Yes, sir.”

PO: “Where?”

AW: “In the car.”

PO: “Why in the hell would you have that gun in your hand when I’m standing in front of you? What could you be thinking? I saw you reach for it, I knew something was up.”

AW: “No, I wasn’t reaching for it – I had it in my -- I was putting it away. I already had it in my hand.

PO: “In your lap.”

AW: “Yes, I was putting it away.”

PO: “Why would you have it in your lap? With cops walking up and you have it in your hand?”

AW: “No, that’s why I’m saying I was putting it away.”

PO: “99 percent of the time what would have happened tonight?

AW: “I would have been shot dead tonight. I understand. I understand.”

PO: “You know that.  Bad me bad you. Dude, I’m not trying to shoot somebody out there.”

AW: “Yes sir, I’m not trying to get shot, yes sir.”

PO: “You have a permit through Hamilton or Butler County?”

AW: “It’s actually through Columbus because I went to school in Columbus.”

PO: “Ohio County?”

AW: “Yes, sir.”

PO: “So, what we have right now, at the very least, is improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle.  Permit or not man, you can’t have in your lap. There’s no reason and you’re holding in your hand when I walk up to

AW: “That’s why I was trying to put it away.”

PO: “Why was it out? Why was it out at this party?”

AW: “It wasn’t out -- I put it on the floor of my slingshot. I didn’t have it.”

PO: “You left on the floor of your slingshot out here in the parking lot?”

AW: “It was under the seat.”

PO: “Everyone can get in there, right? So, why is the car unattended? You know where I’m coming from.”

AW: “Yes, sir.”

PO: “I know you had a permit, but that doesn’t absolve you just like it wouldn’t for me as a cop. I’ll tell you right now, when I get pulled over by the police my hand is nowhere near my gun when I’m off duty.  Nowhere near it.”

AW: “Yes, sir.”