VIDEO: Brr! Southtowns family has Snowvember fun

Posted at 7:04 PM, Nov 22, 2014

We have seen plenty of pictures and videos of Snowvember antics, from people creating beer coolers out of the snow that went up to the middle of their front doors, to beer pong tournaments, to belly flopping into the snow in shorts and flip-flops, but this takes the cake.

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Katie Gibbins shared this video on YouTube called “Snowvember with the Gibbins’”. With four feet deep snow around her home in Eden, she created a movie trailer for a faux-film about the shenanigans storm-stranded people get up to.

You can’t help but watch, laugh and shiver just looking at their Snowvember antics! Video:

The Gibbins weren't the only ones to come up with a unique way to enjoy the snowstorm. Two guys got our their surfboards and hit Lake Erie as the waves crashed and the flakes flew. Watch that video here.