Veterinarians warn Pet Owners about misusing flea products

Posted at 6:35 PM, Sep 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-01 19:59:57-04

Flea medication toxicity for cats has been on the rise at the SPCA Serving Erie County, meaning cats were either treated for fleas with too much product or treated with product for dogs. 

This is an issue the SPCA says it normally doesn’t see this late in the summer. 

“It’s been a pretty bad flea and tick season, so potentially owners could be getting upset to fed up that they could not get rid of the fleas, “Dr. Nicole Ratajczyk, a veterinarian at the SPCA, said. 

The SPCA says people tend to apply a medication that is not meant for cats or pet owners apply too much. 

“More is not better. That’s what leads to the toxicity because it is too much of the medication for the animals body to handle,” Dr. Ratajczyk said.

Symptoms of flea medication toxicity include: agitation, tremors from head to toe, and can lead to death. 

The SPCA says at least ten cats recently have been brought to the SPCA with this problem, including a kitten who did not survive the toxins. 

If pet owners act in time, veterinarians can bathe the cats, and give them IV fluids and medications to help them recover.


Veterinarians warn pet owners to never use flea medications for dogs on cats and know your cats weight so you can apply the correct amount.