USS Little Rock is finally home

USS Little Rock is finally home
Posted at 3:17 PM, Apr 12, 2018

The USS Little Rock was commissioned and left Buffalo in mid December last year, after an almost four month trek the navy's new combat ship is finally docked at it's home port in Mayport Florida, near Jacksonville.

After the official commissioning in Buffalo, next to it's original namesake, the Little Rock headed for it's new home but a series of mishaps and problems plagued the trip from the start.

First, a mechanical steering problem kept the ship in Lake Erie unable to navigate the Welland Canal.  Once that was fixed the Little Rock had to go through 15 "locks" along the St. Lawrence Seaway before it was stopped at Montreal due to bad weather.  Unusual ice, snow and wind kept the ship there for months.

When the weather finally broke the Little Rock was able to make it's way out into the Atlantic Ocean.  It stopped in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Virginia Beach, Virginia before finally reaching Mayport.

The US Navy says the $350 million Little Rock is one of the newest and fastest ships in it's fleet and is now in place and ready for whatever missions it's called upon to carry out from this point forward.


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