WATCH: Adele pranks Jamba Juice employees

Posted at 2:20 AM, Feb 19, 2016
If you thought your insatiable love for Adele had reached a peak, this video might change your mind.
With help from Ellen Degeneres, the beloved musician pranked an unsuspecting group of Jamba Juice employees. 
The hilarious stunt came after the singer opened up to DeGeneres about her botched performance at the Grammys – an incident which made her cry “pretty much all day.”
Despite her understandable sadness, Adele has still managed to ignite laughter in all of us.
Wearing an ear piece and listening to DeGeneres’s every command, the singer confused the starstruck workers and created the persona of what might be the world’s biggest diva.
“I’ll take a Jamba Juice,” the singer said very nonchalantly, adding, “I’ll take a large, but in a small cup.”
During the long ordering process, the workers managed to keep their cool while dealing with the seemingly high maintenance star, who made absolutely no sense and at one point even cut some wheat grass off the counter and ate it.
When it came time to pay, she then tossed her handbag onto the counter as her belongings – like a knife and twizzlers – spilled out. 
Unable to locate any cash, she blurted out, “Do I have to pay? I’m a celebrity.”
Watch the hilarious situation unfold in the video below.