Twitter now allows users to post longer videos

Twitter now allows users to post longer videos
Posted at 4:28 PM, Jun 21, 2016

NEW YORK (AP) — Twitter is now letting its users post videos that are up to 140 seconds long, an increase from its previous 30-second limit.

The move is part of the social media company's efforts to attract a broader set of users, some of whom feel confined by its limits on the length of tweets — as well as videos. It's also likely to help users make money from such videos.

The San Francisco company also launched an app called Twitter Engage for those it calls "influential creators." It's designed to help them interact with fans.

Twitter Inc. currently has about 310 million monthly active users, small potatoes compared with Facebook's 1.65 billion. The professional online network LinkedIn has 433 million members, but many of these users do not log in every month.