"Saved By the Bell" star Dustin Diamond owes Wisconsin almost $100K in taxes

Posted at 6:39 PM, Jun 15, 2016

Former "Saved by the Bell" star Dustin Diamond ("Screech") is making headlines again, but this time not for allegedly violating his probation, or a bar brawl. 

Diamond owes the the state of Wisconsin $93,768 in taxes, according to the "naughty list," on the Department of Revenue's website, which lists delinquent taxpayers.

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Officials said while they can't comment specifically on Diamond due to the state's confidentially laws, they can comment on general protocol for dealing with delinquent taxpayers.

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When a taxpayer doesn't pay his or her taxes owed to the state, the Department of Revenue sends multiple letters and notices, says Stephanie Marquis, the Department of Revenue's communications director.

According to Marquis, before a taxpayer — which would include — gets listed on the state's website, taxpayers who owe the state at least $5,000 receive a warning letter. It's only when taxpayers repeatedly ignore the letters and notices that their name and address get listed on the website.

"Sometimes people respond," Marquis. "We always try to work with taxpayers," she added. But since Diamond's name is on the site, it's likely he didn't respond.

Marquis also notes that a figure on the site, such as Diamond owing $93,000, may represent the actual amount owed, or an estimate based on previously filed tax returns. 

Marquis said although the department can not reveal when he last filed a return, she said when taxpayers repeatedly ignore letters and notices there are consequences, including having a tax warrant issued.

"A tax warrant isn't the same as an arrest warrant, it's a tax lien," Marquis noted.

The 39-year-old Diamond recently made headlines after he was arrested again for allegedly violating his probation.

He spent two days in the Ozaukee County Jail back on May 25, for that charge. Previously, he served two months after a Port Washington barroom brawl after he said he was defending his girlfriend with a pocket knife. 

Diamond was also interviewed last month by Extra’s Mario Lopez who played AC Slater on 'Saved by the Bell'.