Is this youth football drill too dangerous for kids?

Posted at 5:22 PM, Aug 22, 2016
Horrific — that's how an Ohio mother described her 9-year-old boy's football practice. 
Ann Evans says the drills coaches were running were more than dangerous, they are banned in most youth leagues. In one of them — called "Bull in the Ring" — players get into a circle and one by one they rush a single player in the center. 
"Every parent was cheering their kid on. The coaches said 'Run in and hit them as hard as you can,'" Evans said. 
"Bull in the Ring" has been banned by several youth leagues across the country for years.
It's widely-considered dangerous and may lead to concussion. 
Evans pulled her son off the team after seeing the drills. She said he will play flag football this year. 
But she's speaking out to warn parents of kids in any sport.
"You need to be there at the practices and know what drills have been banned," she said. 
The man in charge of Stow Youth Football wasn't available for an interview and wouldn't comment on the banned drills, but said the drills aren't run anymore. He also said league is doing everything possible to make football safer.