Navy SEAL veteran taunts ISIS with video

Posted at 9:26 AM, May 11, 2016
SAN DIEGO -- With ISIS reportedly including the names and addresses of average citizens on their American “kill lists,” a Navy Seal veteran and former candidate for Congress in San Diego is challenging the terrorists to add his name to the list.
Larry Wilske posted a message to Facebook Tuesday, taunting the terror group to put him on their list. 
“There's nothing we can do for these folks except wipe them off the face of the earth,” Wilske said in a 2014 campaign video on YouTube.
It's a message he has been spreading since he ran for Congress in 2014.
“This is an evil vermin that we call Islamic terrorism.”
He posted a message to Facebook calling ISIS “[a**] wipes” and daring them to come get him.
“I want people to stand on their own two feet and say, ‘I'm an American.  I'm proud and ISIS, you don't bother us.  Give it your best shot.’”
They're words Wilske wants more Americans to get behind.
“ISIS, they're the new Nazis, and we should not allow them any breathing room or any room to terrorize.”
He says America cannot be bullied.
“My hope is that we remind ourselves who we are,” he said.
However, counter-terrorism expert Glen Winn worries Wilske isn't just putting himself in danger.
“It's foolish,” Winn said. “It's very foolish. It could come back and haunt you. With pictures, and addresses, and telephone numbers, family pictures and so on, you've exposed anyone in your immediate surrounding community and your family to retribution.”
After a 30-year military career, Wilske said only one person could convince him to remove the post, his wife.
“But she knows who she married and she's proud of me for who I am, so she wouldn't say that.”
So far, no American on that list has been killed.  Wilske says he's not worried about retaliation and has the utmost confidence in our nation's military and law enforcement officers.
“When God wants me, he'll take me. And if it's at the hand of one of those treacherous, bullying, scumbags, then so be it.”