Issues with online RNC permit applications

Posted at 6:52 PM, Jun 01, 2016

Several protest groups told Cleveland, Ohio TV station WEWS they ran into issues with the online permit application process for the Republican National Convention. 

It was the second round of applications for many of the groups who started applying in early March. 

Some had issues with external links, others told newsnet5.com that their applications required several phone calls to the city for trouble shooting. 

“It’s very cumbersome, there’s no question about that,” said Larry Bresler, CEO of Organize Ohio

But Bresler said his biggest issue wasn’t with the application itself. He said his group, which hopes to gather up to 5,000 people for a rally during the convention, is considering pulling out their permit application for other reasons. 

“The city is saying you can do a march, but not a real march and you can’t do a rally and you can’t get your message out,” he said. “And so based on what they’ve put forward this is not something we can go forward with in their present form.” 

Other groups, like Cleveland-based Stand Together Against Trump, said they’re going to continuing applying in the hopes that the actual route can be amended.  

“If we have to fill out a few more forms to have a good end result that’s fine,” said Brian Hambley of Stand Together Against Trump.  “But right now the city hasn’t put out the forms or shown openness to having parades that are actual parades — more than just over a single bridge.”

Hambley said he’s still hopeful that his group can work with the city to come to a compromise. 

The city did not respond to newsnet5.com’s inquiry about complaints made to the city about the online application process. 

A spokesperson said anyone with questions should call (216)664-2067 or email DALLicenses@city.cleveland.oh.us.