Chelsea Manning could face solitary confinement after suicide attempt, ACLU says

Posted at 9:52 PM, Jul 28, 2016
Former Army Private Chelsea Manning faces charges and possible solitary confinement after her apparent suicide attempt earlier this month, the American Civil Liberties Union said Thursday.
In a press release, the ACLU said charges against Manning – who is serving time for leaking classified documents – include “resisting the force cell move team,” “prohibited property” and “conduct which threatens."
Chelsea Manning has reportedly received a document from the Army stating that she could face “indefinite solitary confinement” for the July 5 incident. 
She could also face reclassification into maximum security and an additional nine years in “medium custody,” the document said, according to the ACLU.
Manning was sentenced to 35 years of prison in 2013 after uploading hundreds of thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks, Time explains.
In 2014, she legally dropped her former name, Bradley, and was later approved for hormone therapy after suing the federal government for access to the treatment.