10 maps showing how Americans speak differently

Posted at 6:23 PM, Jun 06, 2016
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If you grew up in Wisconsin, chances are you know what a bubbler is, and might even remember using a TYME machine — formerly a term for an ATM. 

Try using those words in other parts of the country and people will likely give you a strange look.

While most of the country says drinking fountain, Wisconsinites all know that a bubbler is where you go to grab a drink of water on a hot July day.

While in Milwaukee most would say they want to order a soda for lunch, just 75 miles across Lake Michigan, folks in Michigan would use the term, "pop." 

Those roundabouts we've seen pop up across Wisconsin, have long been in other Mid-Atlantic states. But there, some drivers call them traffic circles.  

In the wake of the release of the hit Netflix series, "Making a Murderer," Wisconsin's accent has gained global attention. According to a study, our accents are very unique. Saturday Night Live even made a skit about it.


Of course like any state, accents vary. Someone who grew up in Northern Virginia will likely have a more D.C. accent than someone who grew up in Roanoke. Just as in Manitowoc, people say there o's and e's differently than someone who grew up in Milwaukee.

Speaking of how you pronounce your e's, how would you pronounce Mary/merry/marry? If you grew up in Wisconsin, chances are you'd say all three words the same way. Those in the Northeast would have a very different opinion.  Click here to view ten maps that highlight the nuances in how we say everyday words.

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