Undocumented workers march from Buffalo to Cleveland

Posted at 6:46 PM, Nov 01, 2016

Four undocumented workers are joining immigrant rights activists in a journey to Ohio.

The four men and women are were taken into custody last month, after ICE raided several Mexican restaurants in Buffalo. Twenty-five undocumented employees were taken into custody. 

They are crossing state lines with ankle monitors, to call for an immediate end to their deportations and permanent protection.

The caravan left Buffalo on Tuesday. The group will make stops in Rochester, Pittsburgh, P.A., Youngstown, O.H., and Cleveland, O.H.. They will stop at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaign offices along the way to bring to light the daily reality of America’s immigration system.

The caravan is expected to grow by Saturday, as this group makes their way to Cleveland. They're hoping to get the attention of the presidential candidates, while raising awareness on immigration.