UB students and neighbors reminded about safety

Posted at 4:49 PM, Aug 23, 2016

University at Buffalo is reminding students who live off campus to be good neighbors as they begin moving in before classes start Monday.

UB's Off-Campus Student Services office encourages community building each year by distributing packets to students and other residents of the neighborhoods around the South Campus. The packets contain safety reminders, suggestions for how to be a good neighbor, information from local governments and utilities, and other useful information.

Some of these tips are: "get to know your neighbors--they can be a great asset," "socialize responsibly," "keep noise down, especially late at night," "keep your yard clean," and "don't travel alone, particularly at night."

"We are all responsible for keeping the community safe, clean and vibrant," says Daniel Ryan, Director of Off-Campus Student Services at UB. "Operation Doorhanger is one way UB is encouraging students and lifelong residents to stay safe and to work together for the benefit of all."