U.B. student reports attempted sexual assault

Posted at 5:35 PM, Feb 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-27 08:22:11-05

According to the University at Buffalo, a female student reported an attempted sexual assault Sunday.

University at Buffalo Senior, Jillian Devine is one of about 45,000 faculty, staff and students who received a text or email early Sunday morning informing her there had been a report of a sexual assault on campus.  According to the alert, a female reported being sexually assaulted in a porter hall dorm room, and it lists the suspect's description. 

The news has Devine on edge. It was scary because it must have been early in the morning and then it was in a girl's dorm room which I think is pretty scary in itself, she said. The situation has been really positive up until last night. And, people have been freaking out about it ever since, explained Freshman, Tori Lawrence. 

Students like Phoebe Bicheler said she's glad officials chose to alert the entire school. I should know just like any other crime that Im protected on this campus.

The suspect is described as a college aged Hispanic male, medium build, short dark brown hair, with a tattoo on his right arm and wearing earrings. The university isn't releasing many other details for student privacy reasons. The case remains under investigation. 

And while some said the news is alarming, others said it doesn't change their sense of safety. One bad person's actions isn't going to make me think negatively about my campus, Lawrence added. 



According to the University's website, it takes reports of sexual violence very seriously. It recommends students keep a couple of things in mind. First, lock your doors, stay alert, use campus transportation, and always travel with others. It says those tips will help keep students safe.