Woman stabbed in the latest armed robbery near UB South

Posted at 10:50 AM, Dec 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-02 22:04:56-05

Buffalo police and University at Buffalo Police are investigating several attacks near the college's south campus.

According to Buffalo police a 20 year old woman was robbed and stabbed in the 100 block of Lisbon Avenue Thursday night around 5:10pm. The suspect is described as a short black male, wearing a distinctive camouflage coat with lime green trim. 

Buffalo Police detectives are investigating if a suspect fitting that description might have been involved in a November 21st robbery in the same area.

Buffalo police are releasing images of that incident which involved two suspects including the individual on the left, who fits the description of the attacker from the Thursday night robbery and assault. That suspect was wearing what appears to be a similar camouflage coat with lime green trim.

Police say the robbery incident on November 21st occurred at LaSalle Avenue and Cordova Avenue at approximately 7pm.

Police say the suspects made off with a purse and an I Phone from a female. No injuries were reported

Police on the South campus are also looking into an armed robbery that took place at about 6pm on Friday, November 18th.

Police say the victim was walking to the Parker lot on the South Campus when the robbery took place..

University Police have posted a special detail to the South Campus and increased patrols.

UB Police has also released a statement saying they are working closely with the Buffalo Police Department, increasing patrols on the campus "24/7", to try and find the people responsible for the crimes.

"This level of crime is unusual for our university," said Gerald W. Schoenle Jr., UB's chief of police. "We understand the stress that these types of situations generate for members of the campus community and we are certainly available to speak with anyone who has concerns for his or her safety."

Anyone with information about any of these incidents is asked to call to the University Police at 645-2222.