UB frat brothers stop alleged mugger

Posted at 11:55 PM, Sep 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-30 23:55:16-04

We were just hanging out on the porch, said Ryan Wood a junior at the University of Buffalo.

And this kid walked up to us, added Anthony Spara, while sitting on a couch with his two fraternity brothers.

He just asked to borrow our cell phone. I need to call the police. Those guys down there just mugged me. We looked down and we saw the two guys. So, we hopped off the porch and we started chasing them, explained Wood.

We approached him and he pretended to have a gun on him, voiced Spara, also a junior in the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity.

I instantly backed away. I didn't feel like getting shot, today, said Brandon Ferris who was visiting his fraternity brothers house that Wednesday night.

I was terrified, uttered Spara.

The alleged gunman who was accused of mugging a person never had a gun. 

I was the one who actually saw that it was a cell phone because when he pulled it out the screen turned on, said Wood.

We called the police at that point, added Spara.

He started running again, explained Wood.

We chased him down to Just Pizza, Spara continued.

I can't even explain it. It was insane, said Ferris.

We tried to basically contain him and hold him and make sure he did hurt anyone until the police came, added Spara.

They (the police) did a really good job, they like picked him up, they had like five or six guys immediately there, said Wood.

These three frat brothers wanted to share their story. They know they get a bad reputation in their neighborhood.

We get a terrible wrap down here, said Wood.

I feel like we get a bad rap just because we throw the parties that we do. But, we're honestly not trying to harm anyone. We're just here to help people out, have fun and get good grades, said Spara.

An encounter, these three hope to never have again, and a story they hope their neighbors will remember.  

The Buffalo Police Department says the alleged mugger stole a wallet, cell phone, cigarettes, and a pizza. The wallet was recovered.