Two women lifted by rescuers in separate incidents at Niagara gorge

Posted at 7:40 AM, Aug 02, 2016

First responders from three different agencies helped to lift two women to safety in separate incidents at Niagara Glen on Monday.

The Niagara Parks Police Service in Ontario reports in one incident, a hiker with a pre-existing medical condition had become stranded, and was unable to get out of the gorge on her own. Parks police were assisted by the Niagara Falls Fire Department and Niagara Emergency Medical Services. Firefighters used a DAVIT rescue arm, a metal crane-like piece of equipment used for safe lifting.

In an unrelated call, a second hiker also needed help after an injury while in the gorge. Firefighters were still in the area from the first call and were able to pull that woman to safety.

Both hikers were taken to local hospitals for evaluation. Their injuries do not appear to be life-threatening.

The Niagara Parks Police offers these tips for hikers exploring the gorge:

·      Stay on marked trails.

·      Wear suitable clothing and footwear.

·      Take a cell phone.

·      Carry plenty of water and energy bars.

·      Know your own physical limitations.

·      Avoid hiking in the dark.

·      Never hike alone, and;

·      Tell someone where they are going.