Twist in murder case leading to Rt. 33 crash

Posted at 12:34 PM, May 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-18 14:06:41-04

The case against Leonard Robinson took another twist in Judge Wolfgang's courtroom Wednesday. Robinson fired is attorney moments before a scheduled hearing in his murder case.

Robinson first agreed to plead guilty to second degree murder through the DA's plea deal but changed his mind at his court appearance in early May.

On Wednesday hearings were scheduled to start in his trial but Robinson had another change of mind and fired his attorney Mike D'Amico. 

When D'Amico was asked if Robinson is playing the system he said, "Today was the first time that I thought maybe."

Before Wednesday's hearing started Judge Wolfgang said Robinson complained to the court about feeling pressured to take the plea deal and claimed D'Amico didn't consult with him enough. 

D'Amico denied those claims. He said he met with Robinson more than half-a-dozen times and before Wednesday's hearing he and Robinson agreed on taking the deal. 

"I've explained what the case against him would be. I made my recommendation to him, we seemed to be on the same page," said D'Amico. "Today was the first time I had heard at all that he was having a difficulty with me because I had met with him and we discussed things. It seemed like a good dialogue."

Robinson is charged with second degree murder, second degree attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Prosecutors say in November he burst into a home on Purdy Streetand killed 42-year-old Antwaine Vance and injured 24-year-old Dominique Jackson.

Robinson allegedly got into a car after the shooting which was driven by 19-year-old Carresian Holloway. She went through a guardrail on Humboldt Parkway and crashed landed on Rt. 33 West.

Moving forward the plea deal is now off the table. 

Robinson also has a robbery case in another court. It would carry a sentence of 25 years to life if he's found guilty.

Robinson is in court for his murder case on May 25th with a court appointed attorney.