Turning Silo City into a national park?

Posted at 6:50 PM, May 15, 2017

How does Silo City National Park sound? That’s one idea being floated for some of the city’s historic grain elevators located on Ohio Street along Buffalo’s Inner Harbor.

Adam Sokol with ASAP Architect Firm is leading the charge to turn six vacant grain elevators in Silo City into a national park. The idea originated from owner, Rick Smith, who’s looking to capitalize on Buffalo’s industrial heritage.

Sokol wants to preserve the structures as is. He thinks it could draw commercial businesses like restaurants, retail. and hotels to the area.

“It’s in the positions to build off the success of Canalside and the success of Ohio Street River Work a lot of what’s already happening in the city,” Sokol said.

Congressman Brian Higgins(D-Buffalo) said this is a great way to showcase Buffalo’s history while also benefiting the city’s economy.

“Anything that promotes the use of Buffalo Water Front and our industrial heritage we think is a very very positive thing,” the congressman said.

Buffalo is not the only place to do something like this. In Massachusetts, there is a national park all about textile.

The next step for Buffalo is to draw up an official request for a national park.