Tumor found as mother gives birth to twins

Posted at 6:28 PM, Dec 10, 2014

Having twins is a big responsibility, but it’s even harder when you’re going through cancer treatments.

Thirty-year-old Amy Over and her husband Jim say having their twins, Thomas and Elizabeth, in June was the best experience of their lives. But then they were delivered an unwelcome surprise.

Amy said, “They found this fibroid tumor, which turned out to be ovarian cancer, and they found it during the C-section.”

“I was really shocked and heartbroken that this wasn’t a normal fibroid tumor. On this joyous occasion with the babies, they say this isn’t normal. It has to be removed,” Jim said.

Amy says she worked hard to be the best mom she could, but caring for two babies while going through chemo is challenging.

“Dealing with this as a mother is difficult. I’m tired most of the time. Then some days it’s joyous and I feel good. But most of the time it’s hard,” Amy said.

She also had to temporarily give up her job and money got tight. Jim’s brother Dave Over decided to step in.

“Costs are building up from medical bills, so we wanted to set something up to help them financially,” Dave said.

The kicker: Dave’s wife is also pregnant with twins. Dave wants to see his and his brother’s children grow up together.

Amy says she will be there every step of the way. She finished her last round of chemo last week and the prognosis is good.

“They said 95 to 100 percent curable,” she said.

She and Jim say it was the faces of their two little ones that got them through the whole ordeal. Amy had these words of wisdom for every mother going through hard times:

“Keep strong and look forward to watching your babies grow.”