Trump supporters say sign was stolen from lawn

Posted at 6:21 PM, Jun 06, 2016

Hannah and Steve Goldsmith had their Donald Trump political sign for about a month, when they say one day it disappeared from their front lawn.

"They're trying to silence Trump supporters," said Goldsmith. "We live in a Democratic society where we can vote for whichever candidate we want, and that's why we live here."

The Goldsmiths believe someone stole their sign because that person didn't agree with their political views. The family decided to make a new sign which reads, "Stealing signs won't silence us!"

"They're taking it one step further and making it so no one can support him," said Hannah Goldsmith.

Each municipality has different rules and ordinances when it comes to political signs. In the Village of Depew where the Goldsmiths live, a sign cannot be placed on the patch of grass between the curb and the sidewalk, or the sign can be taken by the village. The family says their sign was on their lawn.

As political season approaches, it's important to know the rules for your town or village. The Town of Aurora and Village of East Aurora has a special rule when it comes to signs. They can be placed on your lawn 30 days before the primary or election, but must come down 24 hours after the polls close.

Mayor Allen Kasprzak says the village hasn't really been enforcing that ordinance because they haven't received any complaints, and there aren't many political signs in town.

"In theory yeah, I guess the police could take it off the lawns. We haven't received any complaints about it. If someone called up and asked to talk to the Code Enforcement Officer, we would notify the Officer and ask them to take them down," Kasprzak said.

If you're unsure of the rules in your neighborhood, give the town a call.