Trump in spotlight at State GOP Convention

Posted at 4:50 PM, Mar 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-04 18:13:02-05

More than 300 Republicans attended Friday’s State GOP Convention at the Marriott HarborCenter Hotel in Buffalo. The Queen City hasn’t hosted the event in 16 years. 

Wendy Long was nominated for U.S. Senate. She’s challenging three-term incumbent, Charles Schumer. Long lost to Gillibrand in 2012. Long said she was very excited to be in Buffalo and to take on Schumer. 

But, it was Donald Trump who dominated much of the discussions at the Convention. His name was repeatedly mention throughout the proceedings. “He's bringing out people to vote who haven't been out in decades,” said Carl Paladino. “I have no doubt Donald Trump will be fair and measured,” said Congressman Chris Collins. “That's why I am here,” Paladino explained. “I'm here for Donald Trump. I'm here to help enlighten the N.Y.S. delegates and the N.Y.S.County chairs that are in the room.”

Erie County GOP Chair Nick Langworthy endorsed Trump Thursday. Paladino said other county chairs are beginning to follow suit.  “We picked up seven more county chairs last night. Everybody is getting on the bus.”

Well, not everybody. State GOP Chairman Ed Cox said he's waiting until after the NY Primary on April 19 to make an endorsement. Still cox had some positive things to say about the party's current front runner. ”He's a very effective worker with the media. He understands how to project He understands how to perceive what people are concerned about,” Cox said. “Trump is going to be the nominee of this party,” said Political Analyst, Michael Caputo. “It's a fact. It's going to happen and people are going to have to get right with it.”