Train overpasses put trucks in a tight spot

Posted at 6:52 PM, Sep 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-26 18:52:45-04

A familiar scene at the train overpass on Clinton near Fillmore in Buffalo--a truck that looks more like an accordion than a vehicle.

On Tuesday, yet another truck found itself in a tight spot.  The remnants of the traffic-halting pinch still seen hours later.

"I've seen it about nine times, maybe a dozen times over the years," Councilman David Franczyk said.  He's served the district for 32 years where the overpass stands.  Franczyk added that the city does its job when it comes to signage.

"They say they try to do the best they can with these bridges, but truckers have to do their part too," he said.  

The city is responsible for both posting the signage and measuring the correct height from street to bridge to post on that sign.

City Engineer Michael Finn added, "The posting per state law is one foot less than the actual measurement."

Some question whether the repaving adds to the issue, but according to Finn, crews ensure the road isn't higher than it was before.

Right down the street, ABC Supply Co. sits next to another overpass on Fillmore and Howard, which stands a little higher at 12 feet.

"In the 24 years I've been here, if I haven't seen 50," Managing Partner of ABC Supply Co., Dave Dommell, said.

The company in charge of the bridge--CSX Transportation-- isn't planning on raising the bridge any time soon.  Most everyone 7 Eyewitness News spoke with agrees, the two main causes of overpass issues are GPS and failure to follow signage.  

"The one yesterday that guy you gotta give him an 'E' for effort because he almost made it the whole way," Dommell said.

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