Traffic at Williamsville post office sparks call for action

Posted at 12:07 PM, Nov 20, 2018

Senator Charles Schumer is calling on the United States Postal Service to immediately sit down with Town of Amherst officials and businesses to address unsafe traffic conditions in front of the Post Office on Sheridan Drive in Williamsville.

Since 2011, when the USPS moved local retail operations and altered the parking lot of the Sheridan Drive Postal Facility, there have been 33 car accidents and 11 Injuries adjacent to the parking lot.

"It's time to step up, be a good neighbor, and take the first steps to remedy the dangerous mistake the USPS created," says Senator Schumer.

In response, the United States Postal Office issued this statement:

"The USPS will continue to work with town Officials until such time as we reach a mutually agreed upon resolution."

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