Town wants to replace Brighton Pool with arena

Posted at 6:24 PM, Mar 12, 2018

The vote on whether to approve a $400k bond to hire a hockey arena designer was tabled Monday night.  Town of Tonawanda Council Members are now scheduled to vote on the matter on March 26th. 

The Town of Tonawanda wants to knock in Brighton Pool and build a state of the art hockey arena on the lot, right next to Brighton Arena. 

Those plans include renovating Brighton Arena and turning Lincoln Arena into a turf field-house. 
The cost of this project will be $8 million through bonds. 

“We figured because of the age of the pool and location of the rink the proximity to the thruway we thought this would be the best location,” Councilman Dan Crangle said. 

Crangle said the 60 year old pool would cost the town an additional $640,000 to replace the lining. 

Once the plans are finalized and approved it will take crews up to 12 months to build the arena. 

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