Town of Niagara neighbors dealing with sewage backup

Posted at 11:14 PM, May 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-05 23:14:13-04

Sick of the rain, Western New York?  Probably. The rain probably doesn't bother you as much as it does for some people in the Town of Niagara, the Wildwood Neighborhood to be exact.

“You have to go to the gas station or down the street to find a business that's open that has a bathroom,” said Chris Wilson.

Sewage is backing up in toilets and some lawns and driveways in parts of the neighborhood. The problem has been happening over the past month. The mess is not for the town to clean up, rather the homeowners association.


Some say the people in control of the association are working way too slowly.

“It's really a concern because nothing is happening over there. It's all happening to the poor people down at the end of the pipe that's giving them a lot of problems,” said Ron Gentzke who lives in the neighborhood.

The problem stems from a pump. It's a pump that moves sewage from the sub-division to the town sewage line. Simply, it's broken. The head of the homeowners association says it's not easily fixed. 

He would not go on camera, but describes the temporary fix as a Rube Goldberg like setup. He says the parts to make a functioning replacement are out of stock, and need to be shipped.

The people who live closest to sewage backup are demanding more information.

“We're getting no answers from them. We're getting no idea of how long this is going on and what is happening,” said Max Taylor who lives in the Wildwood.

The backups are worse when it rains. With more rain on the way, people on both sides of the issue hope a solution comes soon.