Tops Friendly Markets inspires community to pay it forward with unique baskets

Posted at 5:51 AM, Oct 04, 2017

Tops Friendly Markets is doing its part to spread smiles and unity throughout Western New York - one Boo Basket at a time.

Last week, 200 Tops employees gathered to deliver nearly 500 Halloween-themed Boo Baskets doorstep to doorstep, from Buffalo to Lakeview to Lockport. 

Each basket featured a variety of goodies from the supermarket. The goal? To encourage the community to pay it forward by passing the gesture along throughout neighborhoods.

“It’s our first time doing this. We just really wanted to do something fun that would bring smiles to people’s faces and unify the community - I think we need a little of that right now,” one employee said.

The idea is after you’ve been booed, you post a sign, then pick two more people to boo - they repeat the gesture. 

It’s an idea that’s some states and cities have adopted for years, one that Tops says they hope to continue moving forward.