Tonawanda Coke employees didn't receive last check on-time, Company says should be paid tomorrow

Posted at 12:46 PM, Oct 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-18 18:16:37-04

"Saturday was my lat day there (Tonawanda Coke). I went there. I worked my 12-hour shift. As I was going out, they handed me papers telling me not to come back," Ronald Bryant, a former employee at the company said.

Employees were suppose to receive their last paycheck Thursday morning, but according to Bryant there are multiple people who are still waiting to get paid.

"They said we are suppose to get paid, but non of us got our check yet," Bryant said.

Garry Graber, a bankruptcy specialist with Hodgson and Russ, the law firm representing Tonawanda Coke, said this late payment is common with bankruptcy cases. 

He said that all the company is going to court tomorrow to resolve the issue. Employees could be paid as soon as Friday afternoon.

The Department of Labor and United Steel Workers 135 in Tonawanda, hosted two mini job fairs on Thursday to help ex-Tonawanda Coke employees find new work. There were on-site interviews as well as resume writing help.

"This is the best job market we've had in many years," Carolyn Bright, the career center manager for Erie and Niagara department of labor offices, said.

This is all very sudden for employees like Bryant.

"Got caught a lot of us off Guard, you know. We got families and stuff. It was hard, but I'm sure we will be okay," he said.

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