Toddler fighting cancer, family looking for help

Posted at 5:36 PM, Sep 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-27 17:36:02-04

Anastasia Rafter is 17 months old and is facing a challenge no toddler should ever face, brain cancer. It's already affected her sight.

“She's already blind. So, we don't want damage anything else,” said Brent Rafter, Anastasia’s father.

The Niagara Falls family is spending plenty of time at the Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo.
Where they say they're getting all the help they need.

“We're just waiting for a different treatment plan,” explained Rafter.

Anastasia has undergone chemotherapy.

“The tumor keeps progressing even after every chemotherapy,” said Lene’e Gray, Anastasia’s mother.

“We're out of options besides radiation, she's only 17 months old, and surgery which is just as dangerous,” said Rafter.

And that's why this family is looking for the community's help.

“Even if it's just saying prayers for her, or they know somewhere or have some recommendations,” said Gray.

The family has already reached out to doctors in Cincinnati. The family says they are absolutely considering either radiation or surgery, but want to make sure they've exhausted all other options before putting Anastasia through that.

“If just one person could help. That would be great,” said Gray.