Tired of Emergency Room wait times? Two Western New York hospitals will let you wait at home.

Posted at 11:00 AM, Aug 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-06 18:07:28-04

It can sometimes take hours to get treatment at an Emergency Room. Now, instead of spending that time in the ER waiting room with dozens of other people, two WNY hospitals are letting patients spend that time in their own homes.

Kaleida Health is offering a free online waiting service at Millard Fillmore Suburban and DeGraff Memorial Hospitals. People can check-in on their computer and get a projected treatment time. The service will also update that time if it might be delayed for any reason so patients can continue waiting at home.

“Our patients deserve more respect for their time in the Emergency Department,” Darcy Craven, president of DeGraff Memorial and Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospitals, said in a statement. “Once a prospective patient receives a projected treatment time online at kaleidahealth.org, he or she can wait in the comfort of their own home rather than sitting in the waiting room. Once they arrive, it’s our commitment to make sure they are promptly seen by a healthcare professional.”

You can find the service by going to Kaleida Health's website here and selecting either Millard Fillmore Suburban or DeGraff Memorial.

“Online check-in is only intended for individuals with non-life-threatening medical conditions,” Craven said. “It’s a simple and convenient way for people with busy lives and busy families to conveniently access care for minor medical needs. If you’re in doubt about the severity of your condition, you should always seek immediate care.”

Patients receive the same level of care whether they go to the ER at Buffalo General, DeGraff or Millard Suburband, according to emergency physician and Director of Emergency Medicine at DeGraff, Dr. Joshua Lynch.

He explained the hospitals are all staffed by board-certified physicians through UBMD Emergency Medicine. UBMD also consists of physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

The online service is designed to catch keywords that might indicate more serious medical conditions. Those patients are instructed to call 911 or head straight to the nearest ER.

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