Tire thieves strike again in Western New York

Posted at 5:57 PM, Dec 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-28 17:57:40-05

A Williamsville neighborhood is on alert after someone stole tires from at least two Honda cars.

The thefts happened on Fruitwood between the night of December 18th and the early morning of December 19th.

The Hoover Family say they woke up to their Honda Accord sitting on cement blocks with the tires gone. The same thing happened to another Honda owner living on the same street. Stacey Hoover said she was shocked that this happened in her community.

"You know you think big cities Chicago, New York City and stuff like that. You don't think in Williamsville with all our neighbors and quiet street we live on, absolutely not," Hoover said.

Experts say there's been an uptick in tire thefts from some Honda cars. Thieves are using tires from vehicles like the Honda Fit for low-riders and selling them on the black market for cheap.

Over the summer, several Buffalo neighbors were hit by tire thieves, including the Elmwood Village. AAA advise car owners to keep their vehicles near areas with lights or in a garage at night.

"You can also use something like wheel lock or lug nut locks which aren't as good as a wheel lock. But it would also help," AAA Team Leader, Melissa Paone said.