Tips for a smooth TSA security check process

Posted at 5:40 PM, Nov 13, 2017

When you're a world traveler like Ujjwala Parihal, security is top of mind. “From here I'll be going to JFK, and then to Amsterdam, and from Amsterdam I'll be going to New Delhi. I do feel safe.”

Although, Parihal said she's reconsidering that sense of safety after the latest reportby the Inspector General suggests a lapse in T.S.A. security. “This shouldn't happen. I think security should be tighter if this is happening.”

Other travelers are less concerned. “I'm a frequent enough traveler that it feels very routine and I'm comfortable,” said Dallas native, Katie Foster. 

Earlier this month, T.S.A. acknowledged it will be on high alert this holiday season. “Terrorists are very clever at concealing IED's in electronics, and so we're checking for that as well,” said T.S.A. spokeswoman, Lisa Farbstein.

It also acknowledged easy ways to keep security lines moving like having your I.D. and boarding pass handy, and wearing slip-on shoes since removing them is still a must. Liquids must be less than 100 ml or 3 point 4 fluid ounces. “If you can scrub it, spray, pour it, and it's more than 3.4 oz, it needs to go in your checked bag,” Farbstein said. 

And, if all else fails, and it's unclear what you can bring or maybe what time you should arrive at the airport, there's an APP for that. Check out "My TSA" and hopefully it will get you through security quickly and safely.