Threat made on social media against JFK High School in Cheektowaga determined non-credible

Posted at 10:50 AM, Mar 27, 2018

After an overnight investigation by the Cheektowaga Police Department, Cheektowaga-Sloan Union Free School District Superintendent Andrea Galenski says a threat made on social media against JFK High School was determined to be "non-credible."

Cheektowaga Police Department Assistant Chief James Speyer says police first received a call from someone with a screenshot fo a snapchat containing a threat on Tuesday. The snapchat showed a picture of a hallway at JFK High School with text reading "I'm going to shoot up the school."

The superintendent tells 7 Eyewitness News the police department first notified the district of the threat Monday night at 8 p.m. The department took the lead on the ensuing investigation, working hand in hand with the school district.

Police say the threat was traced to a 14-year-old girl. The superintendent says the girl is a student at John F. Kennedy High School. Police went to the student's house and spoke to her and her parents. Assistant Chief Speyer says the girl told police she had a bad day, was depressed and didn't intend to go through with the threat.

The police threat assessment determined the threat was not credible. Police call it a veiled threat, and say the girl had no intent or plan to carry it out. Assistant Chief Speyer told 7 Eyewitness News this appeared to be "just a girl venting and she did it the wrong way."

Superintendent Galenski says the district made the decision to gather all information from police before notifying parents by robocall. Overnight, Galenski says police determined the threat was not credible. Tuesday morning, the district issued a robocall to JFK High School and JFK Middle School informing families of the non-credible threat. The robocall went out to families of students at both schools because the buildings are attached.

Galenski ordered for three to five police officers to be present at the school on Tuesday. Aside from the police presence, students will undergo their normal activities.

No charges have been filed against the student. Police say the investigation is continuing and charges could come at a later date.


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