Thieves targeting Honda Fit tires across U.S.

Posted at 12:27 PM, May 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-12 12:47:34-04

It doesn't take long for you to find a personal story on the internet about the wheels of a Honda Fit being stripped from the car. 

From Reddit to news sites, people are chatting about thieves taking the tires off the popular car all across the nation. From Cleveland to Chicago, and even here in our own backyard

Take it from Dave Thomas, who owned a 2015 Honda Fit for eight days, only to find one of his wheels taken off the car, posted his own personal account on cars.com. "The car was parked on a residential street in a north side neighborhood of Chicago when it was targeted around midnight. Photo Editor Evan Sears heard noises and noticed a suspicious car from his window; when he opened his front door to look outside the perpetrators took off. They managed to take just one wheel, but left the Fit on blocks."

Thieves target the wheels on Honda Fits to use for low-riders. Instead of going to the store, people can buy the wheels on the black market for cheap. 

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Honda Accord and the Honda Civic are the two most stolen vehicles in the nation as well as in New York State. Honda Fit does not make the top 10.