Thieves target 12-year old boy's fruit stand

Posted at 5:24 PM, Oct 23, 2017

A produce stand owned by a 12-year old boy in Southern Erie County was hit by thieves. 

Matthew Horning was using the fruit and veggie stand to save money for college. Customers would pick their own produce and leave the money in a jar on the stand. 

Someone stole the whole jar. This isn’t the first time. Prior to this, people were taking money from the jar.

“If they really need the money that bad they can have it,” Horning said. 

The stand is set up at 1415 Olean Road in South Wales. 

Matthew’s mom had someone to build a wooden locked box on the stand to keep this from happening again. 

Horning said he wants to go to college and become the next Steph Curry.