The trouble with 5-G in Amherst

Posted at 11:31 PM, Mar 13, 2018

5-G is the next step in device connectivity. It will be bringing higher speeds and higher bandwidth to accommodate evolving technologies. 

"What network can support more and more fast connections with more devices?" UB Engineering professor Josep Jormet asked, "That can only be 5-G."

For 5-G to be brought to an area, micro-cells would need to be installed on top of existing telephone polls, something some Amherst neighbors are not happy with.

According to Jormet, there shouldn't be health concerns with the 5-G cells, but some, like William Lisk, still think the radiation could be a problem. 

"The radiation of these antennas goes right into the windows of the house" Lisk said. 

Others believe the installation of 5-G could mean a decline in property value as the large boxes could discourage homebuyers. 

"That would create quite a loss as far as the value of the home" Jim Steel, an Amherst resident said. 

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