The people that make Election Day happen: Poll workers

Posted at 5:48 PM, Nov 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-06 17:57:12-05

Walking into your polling site, you may have noticed a few familiar faces-- neighbors, friends and maybe even some of the poll workers. 

Election inspectors are on the scene some 15+ hours on Election Day, making sure the voting goes smoothly. 

Veteran poll worker Barbara Dunn has served the voters since the 1970s at the Tonawanda Public Library polling site on Main Street.

"I come back here because I see my old neighbors and I catch up on them," Dunn says. "I enjoy it, I enjoy seeing the people and talking with them." 

Election workers have to go to classes to learn how to work the ballot machines and all the regulations they have to follow when voters arrive.

Today-- the workers were busy. 

Dunn says that on normal election nights the Tonawanda Public Library only has about 300 voters, but by 1:00pm today, already 214 voters had stopped by to cast their vote. 

Having enough election inspectors is important, Dunn adds. She says the town is always looking for more workers. The job is not volunteer, but workers are paid $170 for the day. 

Dunn's favorite part is watching parents come in with their children. It brings a smile to her face as she watches children ask their parents questions and learn the importance of voting. 

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