The opioid epidemic and senior citizens

Posted at 2:50 PM, Apr 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-20 14:50:22-04

We've reported extensively on how the opioid epidemic is impacting everyone no matter their age or soci-economic status, and the older generation is no exception.

That's the the Network in Aging hosted a special workshop on Thursday.

Experts were training people who work with senior citizens on identifying the signs of drug abuse.  They were also given instructions on how to administer Naloxone, the drug that helps reverse an opioid overdose.

"I don't think any population is immune to this, said Kristen Surdej, President of the Network of Aging in Western New York. "I think it gives us the chance to put the focus on the elderly population and I think a lot of times the focus is on the younger population in regards to this issue."

Senior Citizens are also affected by friends and family members who are addicted.  That's why Thursday's event also included training on how to spot signs of financial abuse.



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