The only natural way to not get the flu...is the one thing you probably can't do

The only natural way to not get the flu...is the one thing you probably can't do
Posted at 10:22 AM, Oct 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-03 10:41:42-04

With cold season just around the corner - everyone wants to keep the sickness away before it has the chance to get in.

A viral Facebook post showed one mother’s solution: grape juice.

We decided to call in the experts… UBMD Associate Professor and Division Chief of General Pediatrics Dr. Dennis Kuo says…not so fast.

“There’s no evidence that shows grape juice works in kids or adults to helps keep sickness away.”

He said once the grape juice gets into your body - it actually changes.

“If a child is drinking juice, by the time it gets to their stomach, the acid is going to kill a lot of things that go into it, and everything is going to look different once it gets digested.”

So grape juice won’t work…but the one thing that will - most of us don’t have the time to do.


“There’s really minimal evidence that anything other than time and rest will help.”

Sleep helps on the front and back end of getting sick.

Doctors say it can help keep the sickness away if you get enough…but more importantly, if you DO get sick: this is the only cure.

You're likely wasting your money if you try to go from the grape juice aisle to the cold & cough one.
Dr. Kuo says all those medicines…don't do a thing.
There is zero evidence that says over the counter drugs have helped to treat cold or stomach flu.
The only thing they do is make the side-effects less noticeable.
So…what about when your kid wakes up and you feel like their "sudden sickness" might be related to that upcoming 3rd period test….?
“If a child is sleeping well and eating breakfast, that’s typically a great sign you're okay to go to school”

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