Williamsville mom starts online back-to-school shopping business

Posted at 6:00 PM, Sep 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-06 20:54:45-04

Michelle Zangerle, of Williamsville, is a busy mom to nine-year-old Claire and seven-year-old Abby. “As a fulltime working mom, balancing work and school is always a challenge.”

That’s why she said this year she turned to AbbadooandDylantoo.com. The online business allows parents to order school supplies from home. School supply lists are posted to the website, and parents can order the specific supplies needed all at once. “It saves them the hassle of back to school shopping that everybody dreads,” said company founder, Deanna Farina.

The concept isn't unique. Other companies are doing it on a national scale. But Farina, who lives in Williamsville, said she wants to be a local option for Western New York parents. And since she launched the business in July, Farina said orders have been pouring in.

How’s pricing? Well, Farina said she's able to keep costs low because she buys her school supplies wholesale, and she doesn't charge shipping because she hand delivers every order.
In Michelle’s case, she said she doesn't miss the more conventional method of back to school shopping. “It takes a few hours. It can be stressful. This helps streamline all of that and comes in a pretty little package for your kids to open like a present.”

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