West Seneca Central School District offers app development class

Posted at 5:37 PM, Feb 05, 2018

Renee Day isn't teaching your average high school computer course. She's instructing 11 and 12 grade students in the West Seneca School District how to develop software apps for mobile devices.

“It opens them up to a variety of fields that they probably wouldn't have thought of before,” Day said.

Nicholas Dalessandro is one of several dozen students learning the in's and out's of creating code. The high school junior said he wants to go into marketing or advertising. However, he believes the skills he's learning here will be helpful for his future. “Why not jump on now instead of in 50 years when they're too advanced for people to catch up,” he explained.

Today's tasks include developing an app that makes the noise of a barking dog, and creating an app that converts written text into spoken word. Students are also encouraged to come up with their own app ideas. “Once the student creates the app, they can work in groups to create a big app and they can then package it and put it up on the Google Play store,” said Day.

It's a first of its kind program in West Seneca. But, Day said it's here to stay.