Officer Lehner T-shirts in high demand

Posted at 5:55 PM, Oct 23, 2017

Machines are working nonstop at Park Avenue Imprints on South Park Avenue in Lackawanna.

They must in order to keep up with the demand for t-shirts in memory of fallen Buffalo Police Officer Craig Lehner. “It is absolutely exploding. I don't think there could be anymore messages coming in,” said t-shirt organizer, Lisa Davidzik.

In fact, there’s only about a dozen left at the store. So, Park Ave. Imprints is asking you not contact the shop until Tuesday at 2 o’clock if you're interested in purchasing one.

“It's all for Craig's family,” Davidzik said.

Lisa is used to fundraising. She’s the fundraising coordinator for Western New York Heroes. But this drive is different. This drive is personal. “Knowing him the way we all do, he would just think this is incredible.” She and Lehner had been friends for years. “It's a great looking shirt for a great guy.”

Davidzik said she wanted the shirt to include Lehner's K-9 partner, Shield, his badge number, and the U.S. flag. But, she said the design goes beyond her expectations. “It was absolutely perfect.”

Davidzik said even Officer Lehner would be proud. “Oh he'd think it was awesome. He would have loved all the attention.”

100 percent of the proceeds are going to Lehner's family. T-shirts are $15 and are only sold at Park Avenue Imprints. If you're interested in buying one, call 822-5737.